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ducked and grabbed hold of the muzzle-loader
and with the other hand he struck Pretty-Young™
Man a terrific blow over the head with his battle-
axe. As Pretty-Young-Man sagged and started
to drop to the ground^ Atsistamokon threw away
his battle-axe, caught the manes of his enemy's
racing steed, and with one foot pushed the limp
form from the back of the horse and vaulted over
on to it himself.

He could hear the Crees coming after him.
The only defence he had left was his bow and
arrows, but he knew that he would not need these;
for he was now mounted on the fastest horse the
Crees owned.

He left them behind like a dart. And when he
returned to his own camp, all of his tribesmen
came running out, wanting to know where he
got the horse. While they were surging about
him, his brother Chief Many Swan walked up to
him and pulled three arrows out of his back.

This was the spectacular encounter which
Atsistamokon and Chief Pretty-Young-Man were
now going to 'go over again, to show the people
what it was like5.

While all of the five tribes present were gather-
ing to witness the spectacle of which they had so
often heard, Pretty-Young-Man went over to his
teepee to undress for the momentous event.

While he was dressing he said to his wife;